Update your Contact List in Seconds with ContactUpdater

ContactUpdater gives you the opportunity to connect with long lost friends and business connections.

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ContactUpdater does more than just update phone numbers, check out additional features below.

  • Search Millions of Records

    Corrects and updates to the most recent phone, email, and postal address using a daily updated database of over 232 million records.

  • Reveal New Ways to Connect

    Find new ways to reach out to your contacts. ContactUpader offers an alternate email address (personal or work) for people in your phone.

  • Effortlessly Update Your Contacts

    ContactUpdater automatically suggests updates to list when your contacts move or change jobs. You have the chance to accept or reject these changes.

  • Reverse Lookup

    Looking to send someone some mail? Automatically add postal addresses to your contacts from email address or cell phone number.


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